What is The Skulloids Skull NFT Collection?

4 min readNov 8, 2021

The Skulloids is a Skull NFT collection of 10,000 tokens stored at the Polygon Blockchain. The Skulloids are a unique race of mystical psychedelic skulls, but they’re more to this than meets the eye.

The Skulloids is a unique Skull NFT collection of 10,000 ERC-721 Non-fungible tokens, designed by internationally renowned illustrator Tokebi and developed by the Pixuverse app. Whilst Tokebi is in charge of the design, storytelling, and marketing, the Pixuverse is in charge of the technological aspects of the collection, including our governance token, $PIXU, and the future of the collection, which includes gamification and revenue sharing.

The Story:

The Skulloids is a mystical alien civilization of psychedelic skulls living in the Necroverse, a parallel universe next to ours. The Skulloids are esoteric scavengers, in order to survive, these skulls travel across the galaxy searching for civilizations and scavenge artifacts or relics. Using magical treachery they merge these reliquaries with their own technology and themselves to increase their performance, leveling up into a much better Skulloid.
An anomaly opened a portal and now the Skulloids can travel to our galaxy at any time, including the past, hiding in plain sight, scavenging artifacts from Earth’s civilizations, and merging them with their own. The first group or batch of 4000 of the 10k Skulloids generated with 10 of the 15 races are here and they’re looking for a partner in crime. Would you dare?

The Skulloids Stratification:

There are 15 different races of Skulloids, each of them with a different profession, abilities, and personality. Each of them is divided into 4 subgroups: Magical, Robotic, Cowboys, and Cyberpunk Skulloids. You can read each of their bio and traits at our website here.

  • Magical Skulloids: These are in charge of merging the scavenged stuff with their own. With the help of potions and enchantments, they can harvest energy to create, mutate, transform, and even teleport Skulloids and their technology. (5 characters)
  • Robotic Skulloids: Artificial beings designed to help the Skulloids in various activities, from heavy-duty missions to carriers of small Skulloids. (3 characters)
  • Cowboy Skulloids: Cybernetically enhanced Skulloids able to pilot any spacecraft in the galaxy. An ethical character, some of them become Sheriffs or Marshalls, defending certain areas of the galaxy. (3 characters)
  • Cyberpunk Skulloids: Cybernetically enhanced Skulloids, each of them with different objectives and enhancements; Biopunks, Raypunks, Atompunks, and Dieselpunks are among this group. (4 characters)

The Skulloid Civilization:

The 10,000 Skull NFT Skulloids in this collection are derived from these 15 races, having up to 4 traits per Skull: Head, Eyes & nose, Jaw, and Torso. Also, each Skulloid race comes with four (4) different color palettes. By reading each of the Skulloids’ bio you can define your Skulloids’ personality.

In this case, biopunk gives adaptability, cowboy provides goodwill, atompunk and raypunk provide the anti-hero personality.

These traits are also the “rarities” you can use to trade and commerce your Skulloid after your purchase.

The Skull NFT collection also introduces a set of unique and rare accessories, randomly appearing when you mint your Skulloid. These are Six (6) Staffs/Scepters, (5) guns/weapons, and (3) cowboy hats.

Based on extensive research:

Each of the Skulloids Skull NFT Collection was designed by internationally renowned digital illustrator Tokebi and it’s an homage to the Cyberpunk and Retrofuture Science Fiction Subculture. Each Skull design took approximately 10 hours of development. from the study and research to the skull sketch to the color selection. The collection was made after research made by Tokebi himself, embarking on the following topics:

  • Space Research & Exploration
  • Divination & Paranormality
  • Alchemy
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Human History
  • Anthropology

The first group of Skulloids (4000) is made from the traits of 10 races. The remaining Skulloids will include the last of the 5 races plus new undisclosed accessories.

The Community

The Skulloids collection is more than a mere token. We will introduce our governance token $PIXU, which will help our holders increase their earnings when purchasing or trading our NFT. We are planning to expand our universe with new collections, 3D games, and other perks, something the Pixuverse will provide.

The Skull collection also wants to create a community surrounding retro nostalgia, from the industrial revolution (steampunk, dieselpunk) to the near future (raypunk, cyberpunk, atompunk, etc) and the love of Skulls and retro psychedelia. Join us, and expect daily giveaways, raffles, drops, a physical store with wearable art, and the opportunity to be in one of the most dynamic communities in the metaverse.

The Price & How to Mint

Each Skulloid has a price of 0.04WETH stored in the Polygon blockchain, we have created an article to guide you in the process of minting your Skulloid. https://iamtokebi.medium.com/the-skulloids-nft-collection-how-to-mint-a6d023701751

Find out more about this project on:

Website: http://theskulloids.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_skulloids
Discord: https://discord.gg/2rjwHWkxEA